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Increase your catch rate at Lake St. Lawrence: New York

Bait & Gear Buying Guide: Lake St. Lawrence

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Our dedicated team of Berkley scientists have been diligently working with local anglers to understand what's hot on Lake St. Lawrence RIGHT NOW:

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Known for its epic smallmouth fishing, the Lake St. Lawrence has been proclaimed by Bassmaster magazine as the country's top bass-fishing destination. This flowing 700 mile river chain is also known for its outstanding muskie, pike, and walleye fishing opprotunites. The Berkley scientists have collaborated with local St. Lawrence anglers to understand what baits work best as the seasons, and thus the fishs' preferences, change. We're helping you take the guesswork out of your bait choice so you can increase your catch rate on the Lake St. Lawrence.

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Fish hooked with flatworm bait
Close up of flat worm baits
Hand outstretched with flat worm bait on palm
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