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Stocking Stuffers


Surefire Stocking Stuffers For The Anglers On Your Holiday Shopping List.

Stocking stuffers are often overshadowed by larger packages tucked under the tree. Yet when chosen with care, these pint-sized presents can steal the show on Christmas morning.

Of course, there’s more to finding sock-worthy gifts than rushing to the dollar store at the last minute and frantically loading up on trinkets and sundries. Savvy shoppers know the art of meaningful gifting entails matching presents with recipients’ passion points.

To aid your search for great stocking stuffers for the anglers on your list, we’ve compiled the following selection of can’t-miss gift ideas that are sure to kick-start your holiday shopping efforts, without busting your budget.

Berkley Dredger

Berkley Dredger

Fish-catching crankbaits pack quite a punch for petite presents, and Berkley’s new Dredger is a perfect example. Designed through a partnership between Berkley’s hard-fishing scientists and legendary bassman David Fritts, the breakout hardbait takes deep-water fishing to new heights.

Thanks to an ingenious blend of body shape and weighted bill, the Dredger sports a small profile yet dives deeper, faster, than any other lure on the market.

Because it gets down in such a hurry, the Dredger stays in the strike zone longer. Plus, it yields a tight, subtle action at all cranking speeds.

Whether crawled over deep ledges, blazed along weedlines or fished in and around countless other sweet spots, the Dredger draws vicious strikes from a variety of predators including bass of all stripes.

Dredgers come in 14 standard colors, with six additional “trophy case” patterns created by Fritts himself. Choose from five different options geared to specific diving depths (in feet), including the model 10.5, 14.5, 17.5, 20.5 and 25.5. To make sure striking fish stay stuck, all are armed with Berkley’s razor-sharp Fusion19 treble hooks.

Gulp! Softbaits

Berkley Gulp!

Few fishing-related gifts fit the old saying “good things come in small packages” better than Berkley Gulp! First and foremost, Gulp! catches fish. In fact, it was scientifically proven to outfish live bait in head-to-head testing.

The biodegradable artificial softbait also eliminates the hassles of buying or keeping live bait. Plus, it lasts longer than minnows and other natural baits, and expands the strike zone with 400 times the scent dispersion of plastic baits, luring fish to the hook with its water-soluble flavorings.

Two versions are available. Standard Gulp! comes in convenient bags, while Gulp! Alive! is packed in natural juices that constantly recharge its powers of attraction.

Because Gulp! is available in an amazing array of shapes, scents, colors and sizes, chances are there’s a perfect fit for every angler on your list. From baits aimed at bass and panfish to catfish, trout, walleyes and more, Gulp! covers virtually all freshwater gamefish species and situations.

Know Your Lines

Berkley Line

High-performance fishing line does more than dangle baits beneath the surface. It helps anglers catch more fish by enhancing their efforts throughout every step of the fishing process—from presenting lures and baits to detecting bites, setting the hook and fighting fish. All of which makes a spool of fine line a great stocking stuffer.

While there are many different lines to choose from, finding the right one to stuff in each angler’s stocking is a simple process. Modern lines have evolved into three major categories: nylon monofilament, fluorocarbon and superline. Each has its advantages and applications.

Monofilament (or mono, for short) is easy to handle, available in a variety of colors and more forgiving than other types of line. It’s also inexpensive and works well with many knots.

Top picks include Berkley Trilene XT, which is an abrasion-resistant workhorse ideal for fishing in and around rocks or cover. Its counterpart, Berkley Trilene XL, is more manageable and castable, and is a great choice for fishing away from line-slicing water hazards.

If big fish are on the menu, Berkley Big Game has stellar shock stretch and is built for battling behemoths including trophy bass, muskies, pike and catfish.

Fluorocarbon is virtually invisible underwater, so it’s a standout for targeting wary fish in clear conditions. It is also sensitive, tough, waterproof and delivers solid hooksets at longer distances than monofilament.

If you’re looking for a top all-around gift in this category, Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon XL offers unparalleled manageability among fluoros; the limp, well-behaved line works well for a variety of presentations from drop-shotting to deep Carolina rigging.

Finally, when near-zero stretch, ultra-thin line diameters and supreme sensitivity are critical to the presentation, there’s no beating a superline.

Berkley’s NanoFil is the thinnest, strongest, longest-casting superline around. It’s perfect for a variety of presentations on spinning gear, especially when long-range casts are key, and sure to bring a smile to any avid angler’s face when pulled from a stocking. Other sock-stuffing superlines include Berkley FireLine.

So Many Options

Crankbaits, softbaits and lines all make great stocking stuffers, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Handy tools like Berkley’s Aluminum Needle Nose Pliers and Angler’s Head Lamp are perennial favorites.

Berkley PowerBait and Havoc lineups add even more choices in artificial softbaits. And polarized eyewear such as Berkley’s Falcon and Zephyr sunglasses help anglers see more fish, while protecting their eyes from harmful glare and UV rays.

In the end, the list of potential stocking stuffers is limited only by your imagination. Starting with these ideas will help you keep the process manageable and stress-free while ensuring sock-worthy gifts for all the anglers on your list this holiday season. Be forewarned, however, you might want to pick up a few extras so you can keep some of these small wonders for yourself!

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