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A scientific creation from deep inside Berkley Labs, the Swamp Lord lurks in the shadows taunting its prey. Stealthily maneuvering through heavy cover it lures hungry bass to the surface, ready and waiting for the ambush. Purposefully engineered with an ultra-soft body, the Swamp Lord fools the unsuspecting bass with a quick collapse and an unforgiving hook bite. In these waters the Swamp Lord rules.

  • Sealed hook shank / body chamber reduces water intrusion
  • Ultra soft body and design allows for quick collapse
  • Optimally angled sticky sharp Fusion19TM hook
  • Optimized system to increase hook-up ratio

STANDARD Hollow Body Frog

POPPING Hollow Body Frog

Best fished with


braided superline
Best fished with a





2.6” 2.4”



Aerial drone photo of truck and boat at a boat ramp in the swamp. Aerial drone photo of swamp trees and lake. Image of angler on a boat with rod, reel, and Swamp Lord from lure. Image of Swamp lord rigged and attached to fishing reel.
Image of two packages of Berkley Swamp Lord. 12 Colors available in each shape

12 Colors available in each shape

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Image of Swamp lord rigged and attached to fishing reel. Three Swamp Lord frog lures floating on swamp water. Popping Swamp Lord in the water sitting on a lily pad. Underwater photo looking up to the surface of the water, showing the Swamp Lord fishing lure movement.
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