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Trilene® Micro Ice®

Break Strength

2lb | 0.9kg, 3lb | 1.3kg, 4lb | 1.8kg, 6lb | 2.7kg, 8lb | 3.6kg


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SKU: 1237056 Model Number: MIPS3-81


Mircro Ice is specially formulated monofiament good enough to be called Trilene®! Premium ice fishing monofilament with lower stretch and higher strength-per-diameter. Good choice for ice shelter angling.


  • Low stretch design for solid hook sets, better control of your jig
  • Outstanding strength per diameter

Compare Trilene® Micro Ice® models

Model Number Break Strength Advertised Length Color Diameter Package Count Water Type Sku
MIPS2-66 2lb | 0.9kg 110yd | 100m Clear Steel 0.005in | 0.12mm 1 Ice 1004409
MIPS3-66 3lb | 1.3kg 110yd | 100m Clear Steel 0.007in | 0.17mm 1 Ice 1004410
MIPS4-66 4lb | 1.8kg 110yd | 100m Clear Steel 0.008in | 0.20mm 1 Ice 1004411
MIPS6-66 6lb | 2.7kg 110yd | 100m Clear Steel 0.009in | 0.22mm 1 Ice 1004412
MIPS8-66 8lb | 3.6kg 110yd | 100m Clear Steel 0.010in | 0.25mm 1 Ice 1004413
MIPS3-81 3lb | 1.3kg 110yd | 100m Solar 0.007in | 0.17mm 1 Ice 1237056
MIPS4-81 4lb | 1.8kg 110yd | 100m Solar 0.008in | 0.20mm 1 Ice 1237057
MIPS6-81 6lb | 2.7kg 110yd | 100m Solar 0.009in | 0.22mm 1 Ice 1237058
MIPS8-81 8lb | 3.6kg 110yd | 100m Solar 0.010in | 0.25mm 1 Ice 1237059
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