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Berkley Trilene Transoptic Wins Best Line Award At 2009 Icast New Product Showcase

Berkley Trilene TransOptic has been awarded the Best Line Award on Wednesday at the 2009 ICAST show.

After four years in development, Berkley has designed a nylon monofilament line that captures UV rays to physically change the line's color, making the line a hi-vis gold above the water and transparent below the surface where the UV rays are filtered out. The color-changing line benefits anglers that spend their days watching their line for the subtlest of bites. Anglers see the line, fish don't.

"Four years ago we saw a need for a line that benefited anglers that needed a monofilament that could be watched," said Berkley Product Manager, Clay Norris. "Through efforts with our product innovation team, we were able to come up with the technology to harness UV rays to change the color of nylon monofilament above water. Our team has worked extremely hard to be the first to produce TransOptic."

With superior knot strength, tough abrasion resistance and extra shock resistance, Berkley Trilene TransOptic is perfect for flipping, pitching, jigging and any application that calls for a hard hook set. Being a monofilament, the line is easily managed for a wide variety of baits and techniques.

Available in pound tests ranging from 4 to 25 pounds on 220-yard spools, Berkley Trilene TransOptic has an MSRP of $8.95 to $10.95. 2000-yard

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