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The Definitive Berkley Topwater Bait Guide

Let Them Bite

Angler fishing on boat during sunset

Your Fish. Our Science.

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As the moon sets and sun rises, the water appears to be undisturbed but just beneath the surface bass are on the hunt for their next meal.

Chasing schools of baitfish, these bass become overly aggressive and willing to blow up on your topwater lure with such force it feels like it was hit by a freight train. Your rod doubles over, line tight, you land that fish, all to do it again...they’re still schooling. The scientists at Berkley have worked diligently to create best in class hard baits so you can ultimately catch more fish this topwater season. Let them bite.


Whether you are a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro, this easy to use topwater lure is designed to deliver explosive topwater action. Chunk and wind the Berkley® Choppo around cover and in open water for a serious walking action. The Choppo’s durable tail propeller won’t melt in your tackle box and the enhanced surface area provides more sound and spray. The precision balance of the bait ensures that its action begins immediately and it swims straight at a variety of speeds.

Bullet Pop

Crafted to deliver exciting topwater action, the Berkley Bullet Pop combines versatility and proven popper action. Its sleek tail-weighted design provides excellent casting performance while the tapered back provides a flat surface for added flash. Not only does the Bullet Pop’s cupped mouth deliver a classic spit and surface swell but its unique balance allows anglers of all skill levels to easily walk it with near-180-degree turns that require minimal movement.


The classic “walk the dog” topwater bait, the J-Walker elegantly glides side to side with just a twitch of the rod tip. With a sleek tail-weighted design that has been refined through countless prototypes, the J-Walker provides exceptional casting distances while their hydrodynamic shape, precision balance point, and resting position allow for an easy walk the dog action that has fooled countless giant bass.

Surge Shad

An extremely versatile lure, the Berkley® Surge Shad provides an exaggerated wobbling action that is ideal for fish actively feeding on the surface or those that are suspended. Simply reel it, twitch it, or aggressively jerk it – this silent lure excels in slightly calmer situations and high-pressure fisheries. Available in a jointed tail version providing an exaggerated wobble action.

Cane Walker

Call up fish from the depths with the hard-cutting, water-spitting Cane Walker. The Cane Walker’s cupped spitting mouth will garner the attention of offshore bass even with a slight chop on the water. Thanks to its precisely weighted tail design, long-distance casts to schoolers are easier than ever before.


Experience explosive topwater action with the Berkley HighJacker. Designed for targeting aggressive schooling fish, the Berkley HighJacker has been refined to deliver the long-distance casting needed for targeting fish that are actively chasing schools of bait. Its unique hydrodynamic shape is ideal for matching smaller bait while its weighting system allows for easy walking actions at high speeds.

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