Line that changed the fishing world forever.


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Braided Line With Superb Advantages

Why choose Fishing Line from a manufacturer that has built its foundation upon rigorous research and development, leading-edge technology and a passion for catching more fish? You’ll find your answer in the first cast with our first-rate braided line. The 20th century’s revolutionary advancements in the technology of Fishing Line have led to an array of superior offerings. Braided line is angling for the best of the best with its strength, ultra-thin diameter, and sensitivity. Our Berkeley® branded Superlines have helped propel us into the forefront of the field. They feature zero stretch at typical fishing loads, low memory, incredibly high tensile strength, and remarkably thin line diameters. It’s no wonder that since 1996, when the first Berkley® Superline was introduced, it changed the fishing world forever.

Leading the Charge

Berkley®-branded Superlines are made from the highest grade Dyneema™ in the industry, a gel-spun polyethylene that is 15 times stronger than steel by weight. Superline is undeniably the best line for tensile strength, and its thin diameter allows lures like crankbaits to run deeper with the same breakstrength as Mono but less letback. Add to its many advantages its stealthier presentation, its ability to stand up to abrasion, and its superior floatation, making it perfect for topwater lures.

Our FireLine® offering makes the case for braided line. It’s thermally bonded into a tough, smooth-casting line. Choose FireLine® Fused Crystal when you need the stealth of a translucent mainline like Mono, plus the benefits of Superline, or FireLine® Fused Original, a thermally-fused powerhouse that’s stronger and more abrasion resistant for smoother handling and longer casting. Anglers may also opt for tournament-grade Jordan Lee braided lines — our x5 takes Superline to another level by adding an additional strand, making it strong, reliable, and built to cut through serious vegetation.