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PowerBait® Straight Money


Bait Length

6in, 5in, 7in

Package Count

10, 12, 15


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Designed by pro angler Skeet Reese, the Berkley® PowerBait® Straight Money features a spade tail that catches more water for wider actions, as well as a unique, high quivering action. The flat belly slows the fall and gives the bait more gliding action. It's blunt nose makes for easy rigging - perfect for shaky heads, Neko or Texas rigs, and countless other options.

Prop 65

Proposition 65

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Pro-designed by Skeet Reese
  • Spade tail catches more water for wider actions
  • Shape and hardness of bait cause a unique, high quivering action when twitched or hitting cover
  • Flat belly slows the fall and gives the bait more gliding action
  • Blunt nose makes for easy rigging
  • Perfect for shaky heads, Neko rigs, Texas rigs, and countless other rigging options

Compare PowerBait® Straight Money models

Model Number Color Bait Length Bait Scent/Flavor Package Count Water Type Sku
PBSM5-GP Green Pumpkin 5in PowerBait® 15 Freshwater 1506430
PBSM5-SGNM Skeet’s Green Money 5in PowerBait® 15 Freshwater 1506431
PBSM5-WMC Watermelon Candy 5in PowerBait® 15 Freshwater 1506432
PBSM5-MDMG Midnight Magic 5in PowerBait® 15 Freshwater 1506433
PBSM5-WMR Watermelon Red 5in PowerBait® 15 Freshwater 1506434
PBSM5-MDS Morning Dawn Silver 5in PowerBait® 15 Freshwater 1506435
PBSM5-MARGR Margarita Red 5in PowerBait® 15 Freshwater 1506436
PBSM5-RDB Redbug 5in PowerBait® 15 Freshwater 1506437
PBSM5-WM Watermelon 5in PowerBait® 15 Freshwater 1506438
PBSM5-SCHS Skeet’s Chartreuse Shad 5in PowerBait® 15 Freshwater 1506439
PBSM5-CSD Cherryseed 5in PowerBait® 15 Freshwater 1506440
PBSM5-PLM Plum 5in PowerBait® 15 Freshwater 1506441
PBSM6-GP Green Pumpkin 6in PowerBait® 12 Freshwater 1506442
PBSM6-SGNM Skeet’s Green Money 6in PowerBait® 12 Freshwater 1506443
PBSM6-WMC Watermelon Candy 6in PowerBait® 12 Freshwater 1506444
PBSM6-MDMG Midnight Magic 6in PowerBait® 12 Freshwater 1506445
PBSM6-WMR Watermelon Red 6in PowerBait® 12 Freshwater 1506446
PBSM6-MDS Morning Dawn Silver 6in PowerBait® 12 Freshwater 1506447
PBSM6-MARGR Margarita Red 6in PowerBait® 12 Freshwater 1506448
PBSM6-RDB Redbug 6in PowerBait® 12 Freshwater 1506449
PBSM6-WM Watermelon 6in PowerBait® 12 Freshwater 1506450
PBSM6-SCHS Skeet’s Chartreuse Shad 6in PowerBait® 12 Freshwater 1506451
PBSM6-CSD Cherryseed 6in PowerBait® 12 Freshwater 1506452
PBSM6-PLM Plum 6in PowerBait® 12 Freshwater 1506453
PBSM7-GP Green Pumpkin 7in PowerBait® 10 Freshwater 1506454
PBSM7-WMC Watermelon Candy 7in PowerBait® 10 Freshwater 1506456
PBSM7-WMR Watermelon Red 7in PowerBait® 10 Freshwater 1506458
PBSM7-MDS Morning Dawn Silver 7in PowerBait® 10 Freshwater 1506459
PBSM7-MARGR Margarita Red 7in PowerBait® 10 Freshwater 1506460
PBSM7-RDB Redbug 7in PowerBait® 10 Freshwater 1506461
PBSM7-WM Watermelon 7in PowerBait® 10 Freshwater 1506462
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