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Ultimate Walleye Cheat Sheet: Tips to Prepare for the Spring Opener

Golden-flanked walleyes are prized catches for anglers across the Walleye Belt, and spring is prime time to get them. Afoot or afloat, you stand a better than average chance of sampling some of the year’s finest fishing when schools of hungry ’eyes gather in predictable areas.
But as good as the early season bite can be, consistently hooking up with mind-numbing numbers of these marble-eyed marvels is more than a matter of luck. You need to be in the right place at the right time, fishing the right presentation.

Adding to the challenge, a variety of factors such as fickle weather conditions can give willing biters lockjaw and force fish to flee favored areas—throwing a sizeable wrench in your best-laid plans.

Thankfully, anglers armed with a well-stocked bag of tricks can catch fish no matter what. To help you enjoy your fair share of fillets this spring, we enlisted the aid of hard-fishing guide, tournament champ and Berkley pro staffer Kevin McQuoid.

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